Practice or Patient? With Wellvana, You
Don’t Have to Choose.

As payment models shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to navigate.

Physicians across the country are facing a difficult choice: spend their time growing a successful practice, or spend quality time with their patients.

With Wellvana, physicians no longer have to make that choice. It is Wellvana's mission to support physicians in their journey towards a value-based care model that delivers profitability, allows more time for patient care, and leverages individuality. 


Why Become a Physician Powered by Wellvana?

  • Unlike our competitors, we recognize that healthcare is local, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to physician alignment.
  • This is why we partner with physicians through a variety of operating structures to provide them with the ultimate decision-making authority over their practices, patient care decisions, and personal lives.
  • Our unique partnership approach provides flexibility that aligns physicians with their preferred employment approach, while empowering physicians to move to value-based care. Our flexible partnership solutions for primary care physicians include affiliate, joint-venture, and wholly-owned models​.

No Risk to Your Practice.

Wellvana is leading the value-based care evolution because we have a team comprising some of the nation’s top experts in healthcare management and specifically in value-based care transitions. Our model provides an end-to-end suite of dedicated tools, technologies, analytics, and human resources to access and manage risk (MLR).   We are so confident in our approach that we assume the downside risk, and share the upside with you. 

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