Wellvana enables independent physicians to flourish by providing greater financial independence and work-life balance. We partner with top quality primary care, specialist, acute care facilities, post-acute facilities, and ancillary services to build physician-led, high-performing clinically integrated networks in markets across the country.

Payer Contractor Solutions

Wellvana offers three unique programs targeted at helping employers get the most out of the healthcare benefits they offer employees.


Healthcare is in the midst of a dramatic transformation.

The combination of provider and payer consolidation, new market entrants, technology advancement, consumer choice, and more physician employment by payors, providers, and private equity, creates added pressure for independent physicians to stay independent.

Wellvana brings the legal structure, practice management support and network development team to work on behalf of a collective group of independent physicians to collectively negotiate with payors, employers, and government entities (ACO, MSSP, bundles, etc.), to access risk-based agreements, centered around getting patients the best quality care, in the optimal acuity setting, at the lowest cost.


Wellvana providers are not employees. Wellvana provides a framework for physicians to work together on improving efficiency and coordination for success under new payment models and helps independent physicians attain the financial stability to remain in private practice.

Through national and local partnerships, Wellvana generates value by creating a well-monitored provider ecosystem, leveraging value-based incentive structures, direct-to-employer contracts, GPO saving agreements, and other preferred provider arrangements.

Physician Equity Ownership

Equity participation for independent physicians, which provides voting rights and financial participation in Wellvana’s success.

Group Purchasing

Because of the vast Wellvana network, group purchasing offers better pricing with collective reductions in costs for supplies and equipment.

Physician Governance

Each network has a CIN board, which is led by a combination of local primary care physicians and specialists. Board subcommittees (operations, technology, selection, etc.) are added to provide additional expertise and support. These physician-led CIN boards are empowered to set the vision for each market and drive accountability for the network.

Strengthened Referral Communication

Wellvana builds bridges between participating PCPs, specialists, and facilities to improve communication around patient handoffs, greatly improving the provider’s ability to track care received by patients in the specialty, acute, and post-acute settings, and to follow-up or coordinate services as needed.

Network Development

Wellvana builds physician-led, high-performing, clinically integrated networks, by partnering with top-quality primary care, specialists, acute care facilities, post-acute care facilities, and ancillary services, based on requirements established by the CIN board.

Care Navigation

Wellvana resources include the tools, technology, and staff to track and direct patient flow, with the collaboration of the network providers. This approach helps improve the patient experience while reducing friction (costs, wait times, etc.) as patients navigate through the continuum of care.

Value-Based Incentive Program

Physician practices are financially rewarded for achieving targeted metrics and goals designed to improve clinical quality for the patient and demonstrate efficiency across the continuum of care.

Analytics and IT Support

We alleviate portal fatigue with an innovative technology and analytics platform that doesn’t require you to leave your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Monitor and track utilization, control costs, ensure quality, and manage clinical and financial risk, at the point of care.

Collective Contracting

In exchange for the CIN’s superior quality and cost improvements, Wellvana collectively negotiates with payers to generate value-based incentive opportunities and enhance reimbursement rates for our network.

Risk-based Contracting

Wellvana opens the door to financial opportunity by negotiating shared savings agreements, direct-to-employer contracting, bundled payments, and other risk-based payment arrangements.

Practice Support

  • Enterprise Referral Management
  • Innovative Scribe Programs

Enhanced Care/Optimization

  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Telehealth

Management Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Credentialing
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Financial Management Analysis