High-Quality Care

Wellvana understands the concept of increasing value for employers and their employees. Our programs aim to decrease employee absenteeism, improve satisfaction, and produce quality outcomes. We bring together top-quality care providers and settings to serve patients with more effective and connected healthcare experience.

Clinical Excellence

Our focus on clinical excellence fosters ongoing health gains across all patient groups. And happier, healthier patients mean happier, healthier employees.

Wellvana ensures each patient has care coordination and tracking, which allows for providers to transition patients across the healthcare continuum. Coordinated care involves dedicated, trained resources focusing on high-utilizing patients and the management of a “rising risk” population.

We partner directly with employers to deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to employees and their families through Wellvana, our physician directed clinically integrated network.

Wellvana partners with employers of all sizes on:

Direct Primary Care

We can offer direct primary care programs to employers, employees, and their families. We deliver value across the continuum of care.

Custom Plan Design

We offer employers the ability to customize health plan design, tailored to the specific needs of the employees to incentivize and improve employee well-being.

Clinical Integration

We place the physician at the epicenter of care and use technology to reinforce clinical teams to achieve care plan adherence better.


Wellvana physicians and care teams are accountable for achieving specific quality, patient satisfaction, and cost measures.

Improved Employee Health

Wellvana delivers population health management programs coordinated under the supervision of each member’s care team.

Utilization Management

The backbone of our network is a robust technology that produces real times insights into each member’s visit.