Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about Wellvana.

At Wellvana Health, our mission is to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes by empowering providers to succeed with value-based care. We do this by reducing the administrative complexities placed on physicians, helping them to prioritize patient relationships and quality of care.   We partner with primary care physicians, specialists, and health systems, to help them transition from traditional fee-for-service payment models to risk-based contracting, where we assume the downside financial risk and share the savings with providers.   To succeed in risk-based contracting, we offer a range of technology-enabled services, which enable physicians to focus on what matters most - comprehensive patient care. Additionally, because we believe healthcare delivery needs to be local, we offer a range of physician alignment models that providers can choose from, including acquisition, joint ventures (JV), or affiliate models.
Wellvana works with primary care physicians as well as specialists, health systems, and other healthcare professionals in 6 states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, and Texas. Wellvana continues to grow its footprint and establish in new communities every day, with developing markets including Louisiana, Maryland, New York, and South Carolina.
Wellvana has a highly credible leadership team of industry experts who have worked in the trenches of developing, investing, and operating healthcare companies for decades. It’s executive leadership team, founders, advisors, and board of directors bring combined experiences that support Wellvana’s methods to establish strong local networks of physicians in communities throughout the United States. Learn more about our leadership team.
Wellvana is not a “one size fits all” company. Instead, it helps physicians maintain control of their medical practices through a flexible business model that finds the right approach and arrangement for each partner. Wellvana offers flexible partnership solutions for primary care physicians through affiliate, joint-venture, and wholly owned models​. Shared ownership models help to align the incentives of Wellvana and its partners. Wellvana believes local physicians are the best people to make care decisions for their patients, which is why the Company works to ensure that each of its partners have the contracts, technologies, and resources that are customized to their needs and empower them to make the best decisions for their patients, practices, and communities.
Our team shares one common desire that drives every decision we make: We believe that Wellvana can be a catalyst for systemic change that reimagines and simplifies healthcare, making it easier to practice, access, and navigate.
Value-Based Care (VBC) is a form of healthcare reimbursement that ties a provider’s income to the quality of patient care instead of the volume. While the traditional fee-for-service model rewards providers for quantity of services, value-based care seeks to advance the triple aim of reducing healthcare costs, providing higher-quality care for patients, and improving population health of communities.
Risk-based payment models place more responsibility on healthcare providers to provide high-quality primary care because under risk-based arrangements, healthcare providers are held accountable for avoiding excess readmissions, poor quality performance, and high care costs. This ultimately creates better healthcare experiences and lower costs for patients because their providers’ profits are directly tied to providing high-quality care with at a lower cost.
At the end of 2020, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) announced a new payment model, known as the direct contracting model. This new model is a voluntary, five-year alternative payment model that aims to reduce healthcare costs for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries, while simultaneously enhancing their quality of care. A Direct Contracting Entity (DCE) is a legal entity that is participating in any one of the payment model options. Visit CMS.gov for more information.
Wellvana is contracted with multiple payers on behalf of its partners. This includes several Medicare Advantage contracts along with the Direct Contract model with Medicare. Contact us for more information.
Patients of Wellvana physician partners enjoy multiple benefits within value-based care, including more time with their physicians at appointments (because they are not being compensated based on volume, but on quality of care and outcomes); education and close follow-up to help them take control of their health; seamless care between their primary care physicians and specialists who may also be involved in their care; care management teams to help coordinate care and navigate a confusing system; and tools and technology to help determine patients’ problems earlier than others.   The result is that Wellvana patients are generally healthier with a higher quality of life, and require fewer visits to doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and hospitals.