Wellvana for Physicians


Wellvana joins together independent physicians into a comprehensive management program, comprised of a common set of quality goals measured across all insurance carriers, with a focus on improved health outcomes and reducing the long-term cost of care.



Who we are

The aim of Wellvana is to be the largest, most comprehensive network of independent, high-performing physicians
in San Antonio.

Wellvana leadership is shared with Physicians. Only physicians have the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to achieve improvements in clinical quality and efficiency. Unlike organizations such as integrated delivery networks (with hospital-employed physicians) and large multi-specialty physician practice groups, which base their clinical integration strategies on economic integration, a CIN respects and preserves the economic independence of its physician members.

Wellvana gives leverage and resources that allow financial stability and improved operational performance for the independent provider.

By reducing the cost of care through elimination of unnecessary care, Wellvana providers are able to work more efficiently and gain financially through value-based contracts. By delivering care in the properly aligned setting, physicians can maintain or enhance their income and spend more time with patients.


What we do



Wellvana provides a framework for physicians to work together on improving efficiency and coordination for success under new payment models and helps independent physicians attain the financial stability to remain in private practice.

Wellvana providers are not employees. Every member is an independent provider. Participating providers gain from the collective power of the group.

For additional information about joining Wellvana, fill out the form below or email us at info@wellvana.com.

Wellvana is the infrastructure and the tools needed for providers to retain their independence and thrive.

Coordinated care is the essence of clinical integration. Using advanced technology and tools, Wellvana empowers the provider with knowledge and tools. Our leading products include:

Wellvana Navigate™ provides patient transition management, care coordination, case management and patient education.

Wellvana Visualize Health™ provides health data and real-time patient quality management, allowing providers to quickly assess gaps in care.