The Wellvana Model


Providers continue to operate under their current NPI and tax ID. 

Participation in Wellvana is not employment – it is collaboration.

Achieving “Clinical integration” involves a network of physicians, working collaboratively on a comprehensive set of quality and cost improvement initiatives, supported by a robust information system that enables the delivery of higher value care. Our expertise and experience gives providers the ability to participate in a highly advanced care setting – while remaining independent.

Beginning in 2018, providers will have the opportunity for investment in Wellvana of San Antonio. Physicians can participate in two ways – either as physician investors or physician participants.

Equity participation provides voting rights and financial participation in the Wellvana limited liability company.

As a participating physician in Wellvana, providers will be a part of an organized group of independent providers committed to using its collective influence to leverage the healthcare market to the benefit of its patients and providers.

Each participating physician will sign a Participation Agreement that signifies his/her commitment to performing in ways that allow the CIN to achieve Clinical Integration. Wellvana participants must deliver high-quality care in an efficient manner in order to promote the health of the population served.  Wellvana resources and technology will provide the tools and training needed, as well as the quality metrics and benchmarks in patient care.