Wellvana for Physicians — Commercial Insurance

Most Insurance companies are very interested in partnering with independent physicians under a single legal structure like Wellvana. Multiple studies have shown that patients get the most cost-effective care when they are cared for by an independent physician.

Wellvana has relationships with every major insurance company and works to bring all interested groups under agreements that not only reward great clinical care, but also reward cost-effective care. In many cases Wellvana physicians can participate financially in the savings they help generate for patients and insurance plans.

Connect About Physicians and Commercial Insurance

Physicians professional fees usually represent about 8% of the total cost of care for a patient. The other 92 percent of the cost goes to non-physicians:

The other 92% of these expenditures require either an order or oversight from a physician. Wellvana works with physicians to help them make cost effective decisions that drive immediate financial value for patients and payors. As a result, insurance companies are more than willing to share those savings directly with Wellvana Physicians.

Traditional Health insurance contracts:

health insurance contracts

Wellvana Value-based Care Agreements:

Case Study

A Major Insurance Carrier reviewed the care provided by Wellvana Physicians to its patients in one of our partner markets.

They found that Wellvana patients were much sicker,

Avg. Risk Score

The carrier offered to contract with Wellvana to help drive new patients to our member practices & execute an agreement that would incentivize Wellvana physicians to continue to care for these patients in a cost effective way.

This contract drives incremental revenue and patients to Wellvana physicians, helps save the insurance carrier money and ensures patients have great access to high quality, cost effective care.