Independence & Growth for Physicians

Wellvana joins together independent physicians into a comprehensive management program, comprised of a common set of quality goals measured across all insurance carriers, with a focus on improved health outcomes and reducing the long-term cost of care. Wellvana provides a framework for physicians to work together on improving efficiency and coordination for success under new payment models and helps independent physicians attain the financial stability to remain in private practice.

Physician Investor or Physician Participant

Physicians can participate in two ways – either as physician investors or physician participants. Equity participation provides voting rights and financial participation in the Wellvana limited liability company. As a participating physician in Wellvana, providers will be a part of an organized group of independent providers committed to using its collective influence to leverage the healthcare market to the benefit of its patients and providers.

Each participating physician will sign a Participation Agreement that signifies his/her commitment to performing in ways that allow the CIN to achieve Clinical Integration. Wellvana participants must deliver high-quality care in an efficient manner in order to promote the health of the population served. Wellvana resources and technology will provide the tools and training needed, as well as the quality metrics and benchmarks in patient care.

Wellvana is structured to allow both investor physicians (“partners”) and non-investor physicians (“participants”). Advantages of Membership in Wellvana include:

  • Care Navigation: Reducing cost involves managing patients through the continuum of care.Wellvana resources include the tools, technology and staff to monitor and direct patient flow, with the collaboration of the network providers.
  • Strengthened Referral Communication: Wellvana will strive to build bridges between participating PCPs and specialists in order to improve communication around patient handoffs, providers ability to track care received by patients in specialty, acute, and post- acute settings and to follow-up or coordinate services as needed.
  • Enhanced Fee-for-Service: In exchange for the CIN’s superior quality and cost improvements, participants are allowed to collectively negotiate with payors for better Fee-for-Service reimbursement rates.
  • Group Purchasing: Group purchasing offers better pricing with collective reductions in costs.
  • Value-based Contracting: Wellvana opens the door to financial opportunity by allowing for shared savings agreements, direct-to-employer contracting, bundled payments, and other value-based payment arrangements.
  • Assistance with Care Management and IT Support: Wellvana provides technology, including support and training, that compliments existing EHRs and allows practices to flourish in a value-based economy.