Charlie Martin has been partnering with physicians to build healthcare companies and advance healthcare for the past 50 years. Through Charlie’s venture firm, Martin Ventures, he has launched his latest company, Wellvana. Wellvana’s three core theses include:

First, independent physicians are critical to keeping the balance in the healthcare ecosystem. Wellvana helps keep independent physicians, independent and helps them generate more revenue tomorrow, in a fee-for-value health system, than they do today, in a fee-for-service health system.

Second, employers, big and small, are the ones paying for healthcare. Employers are also the ones “at-risk” for their employee’s health and healthcare spend. Wellvana, our physician partners and the employers we work with all share in healthcare savings by helping employees identify high-value physicians and care settings (acute, ambulatory, post-acute, etc.). Then, supporting patients with care coordinators to navigate them to the optimal caregiver or appropriate setting when care is necessary. 

Third, the current healthcare system works as designed, but there is a fundamental design flaw. The financial incentives are not tied to providing patient care only when it’s clinically appropriate, integrated, and of the highest quality. We are merely nibbling around the edges of care transformation until we align convenience, outcomes, and cost for the user. Wellvana focuses on aligning all its providers to deliver high-quality care to the patient when needed.

Wellvana Health is based in Nashville, TN, with local market operations scaling across the United States.  Each Wellvana market is a unique, high-performing clinically integrated physician network, focused on providing patients in these local communities, with the right care, in the right care setting, at the right price.

40 Burton Hills Blvd., Suite 100, Nashville TN 37215