Wellvana works with health insurance providers across all lines of business. Our physician networks are committed to achieving great outcomes while at the same time eliminating waste from the system. Our physicians are committed to moving rapidly towards value-based care, and Wellvana gives independent physicians the tools and resources necessary to be successful.


  • Single Contracting Authority (wellvana has the ability to contract on behalf if is physician groups, driving efficiency and consistency)
  • A single, unified IT platform (Wellvana has the ability to receive claims data from multiple payors and use the data to drive performance specific to each unique patient group
  • Credentialing and Governance (Wellvana credentials its physicians and provides a physician led governance structure that drives accountability and performance across the network)
  • Aligned Incentives (Wellvana believes in relationships that allow patients, physicians and payers to work together and win together.)


  • Commercial Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Self-Insured Employers
  • Tricare and other Selected Government Programs

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