Wellvana health plans deliver something no one else has.

Wellvana is the future of healthcare. We are a network of the highest caliber physicians, surrounded by a team of care coordinators, health coaches, patient navigators, and world-class technology all focused on keeping employees healthy.

Wellvana is one of the first Clinically Integrated Networks led by independent physicians. Our providers are directly accountable for the cost, experience and quality of the care they provide. This balanced approach allows our physicians to deliver the right care, for the right patient at the right time.

Your employees will experience better access to care, live healthier lives, and pay less out of pocket for health expenses.

Wellvana has partnered with select, like-minded health insurance programs that align the incentives of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem to provide great access to world class care in a way that reduces costs for employers and beneficiaries.

Below you will find an overview of the different types of plans that are active partners with the Wellvana Network.

Traditional Health Insurance
Number of Participants


Annual Renewal Increase
Based on plan performance
Avoid annual renewal increase
Based on plan performance
(ACA) compliant?
Yes (when paired with a Wellvana MEC Plan)
Financial Risk
Carried by insurer
Carried by stop-loss Carrier
Shared by the Cost Sharing Community and Insurer
Carrier by the Employer
Claims or Health Risk Assessment
Claims or Health Risk Assessment
Actuarial Review of Claims
Access to Wellvana Resources
Full Access
Full Access
Impact of Employee Health on Plan Cost


Each plan above is built on the core foundational elements of the Wellvana Clinically Integrated Network:

Healthcare Transparency

We provide insights to empower employers to increase the value for all healthcare dollars spent.

Direct Physician Relationship

We tailor the healthcare experience to bring convenience, reliability, and shared decision-making back to the patient.


Our health information exchange has the capability to partner with any EMR. We provide access to real time information that identifies high risk and high cost patients and enables the timely exchange of clinical information.

Custom Plan Design

We offer employers the ability to customize health plan design, tailored to the specific needs of the employees.

Care Team Accountability

Wellvana physicians and care teams are accountable for achieving specific quality, patient satisfaction, and cost measures.

Improved Employee Health

Wellvana delivers population health management programs coordinated under the supervision of each employees care team.

Utilization Management

The backbone of our network is a robust technology that produces real time insights into each member’s care. Our physicians and care teams can easily close needed gaps in care, while at the same time reducing unnecessary tests and treatments.